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Author Interview with Marianne de Pierres

I'm thrilled to present to you an interview with one of my favourite aussie authors, Marianne de Pierres! You can read my review on her upcoming YA book, BURN BRIGHT, and please do check out this book when you get a chance's full of awesomeness and a world that is so very cool in its own original way!

What sparked the idea to write BURN BRIGHT? The world, the Ripers, the characters themselves?

It came from a collision of a number of things; my interest in nocturnal animals and the lifestyle, my inner Goth and my ideas on whether or not people will self regulate when they are freed from societies rules and regulations. Once I started creating, the Ripers, the Uthers and the Night Creatures just announced themselves. I did have fun researching church architecture too!

Just so you know, I absolutely loved Retra's character, especially with all the emotions she goes through in this new world of Ixion! She has a lot to adjust to! So, what inspired you to write such a compelling character? Was there anything of yourself in her?

Thank you, Erin! I think Retra's character allowed me to finally discharge some long held concerns left over from my teen years. It felt good to see her become empowered and in charge.

Out of all the characters in your book, which one did you enjoy writing the most about?

Hmmm ... Retra was very rewarding because she changes and gets stronger, but Lenoir was a bit of a favourite as well. How can you not love a mysterious, tall, dark, handsome, tortured stranger!!??

Since BURN BRIGHT is your first young adult book, was the writing process a little different from your other adult series, including the Parrish Plessis series (which I also love)? Did you use book outlines or are you one of those authors who just goes with the flow when writing?

I'm not one to write detailed outlines but I will always have a skeleton plot. That combination works best for me; enough structure to keep the story in shape but not enough to stifle creativity. Writing YA has been a joy and I'm not stopping after this! I have another series brewing called Emo Traders which I'm looking forward to getting to in due course.

As most readers are aware of, BURN BRIGHT is going to become a trilogy and the sequel is called ANGEL ARIAS. So, for those who've already read BURN BRIGHT, what can readers expect to see happening in the sequel? Will we see more of the Ripers, the Night Creatures, Lenoir (whom I have a little crush on) and more of Retra/Naif's brother, Joel?

The sequel takes place between Ruzalia's island, Sanctus, and Retra's home, Grave. Mostly Grave. This makes it a different book from Burn Bright; altogether more scary and creepy. You spend the whole time desperate for her to get out of there! She meets some new characters, and Markes is with her, which gives their relationship time to deepen. But Lenoir is never far from her mind, influencing her.

How did you and the singer Yunyu come together to write ANGEL ARIAS song? It's amazing by the way!

We were introduced by mutal friends and got talking about the possibility of working on something together. It then became a matter of the 'right' project. When I finally finished Burn Bright, I sent it to her and she was inspired enough to write three fabulous songs. In the end we could only afford to record one, though.

And finally last question - What are some of your tips for aspiring authors?

My tips can be found here (and there are also links to some other great sites):

I've thought and been asked about writing a lot and this is really my best advice.

Thank you so much to Marianne de Pierres for this interview! I really enjoyed reading her answers! Be sure to check out her book, BURN BRIGHT!

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You can also download Yunyu's ANGEL ARIAS song on itunes!

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