Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Hunger Games Trailer

You can also watch it on itunes here if this link is taken down.

So that's the movie trailer everyone has been waiting for, forever and ever. About time, too! So what did you guys think of the Hunger Games trailer? I think it totally beats the teaser that was released a few months ago . . . which is pretty obvious! Every scene, every single detail is mind-blowing!!!!

Hmmm . . . what else can I possibly say about it without people saying I'm 1) crazy and 2) that I'm so incredibly hungry for some Hunger Games? Well, first off, it's worthy of all its praise from the directors and producers, and words cannot be formed because of its movie epicness. There's so much epicness here. I mean, this time round, we get to see Katniss . . . Peeta . . . GALE . . . and so many other characters that will shine through this movie production alone! Clearly everything in this film will live up to the much beloved book series and I can definitely tell you I'll be the first in line to see this movie in March 2012! Just . . . wow. I'm so impressed. Now I must leave you will my reactions in GIF form. Enjoy this spread of love that I'm willing to give for this movie trailer.



  1. By the way . . . the end scene of the trailer was FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR OUT!

  2. HEE, Gale. :) I cried a lot but I thought it was awesome overall!

    That is beyond EPIC.
    Uuh, and it seriously just messed me up.. I freaking cried in public :/

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  5. There are NO words to describe my excitement for this movie! I went to bed at 2am and then got back up at 4:30AM so I could watch it all over again when GMA aired on channel nine LOL. Then when I woke up this morning.... rewatched ten more times :D

    And yes, the end got me SO freaking pumped up for MORE. MARCH PLEASE HURRY!!!

  6. OMG OMG OMGGGGGG. I cannot believe it has to be shown on March instead of tomorrow! gah. I am so dying to watch this I think its going to be an epic movie!

    btw, those photos made me laugh. lol i think I looked like that one jumping, at work earlier when i saw the trailer on tv. very unethical really.


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