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Character Interview with Ren & Shay from the Nightshade Series!

If you know of Andrea Cremer's wonderful and bestselling YA series, Nightshade, then you would already know of the two hot boys featured in this series . . . I'm talking about the gorgeous-protective-and-sexy Ren and the cute-but-sometimes-shy Shay! So I had a great opportunity to catch up with both of the boys (they're on a busy schedule here) and I also got a chance to ask some grilling and personal questions too . . . anyway enjoy this exclusive character interview!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Erin: Hello boys and welcome to the blog, Tales of the Inner Book Fanatic! It's a pleasure to have you here!

Ren (slow smile): Hey.

Shay (open smile): Nice to meet you.

Erin: Ren and Shay . . . how do you two feel about each other? Are you merely fighting because of Calla's torn-heart and want to prove yourself to her - that you're the better man - or it is just a male thing. . . to hate each other for the sake of it?

[The boys exchange an uneasy glance]

Ren: Wow. You don't ease in to the personal stuff.

Shay: Uh. Yeah. This is just awkward.

Ren: I actually agree. Next question.

Erin: Sorry guys! But I just had to ask. Okay then . . . next question. If Calla was out of the picture - not that I'm plotting her demise or anything - would you two actually become close friends? And if so, what do you two admire most about each other even if its only one quality?

Shay [raises brow]: Wait. First you want us to hate each other and now you want us to praise each other. [Glaces around the room] Is this some kind of psych experiment we're not in on?

Erin: Maybe it IS one. Or again, maybe it isn't. You'll never know. *winks*

Ren [laughs]: I'll bite. [Jerks his thumb at Shay] He's got moves, but I'd prefer he put them to use elsewhere.

Shay [laughs]

Erin: Ren, you call Calla 'Lily' as her nickname - a very cute endearing nickname by the way and I love you for it. Did you do that on purpose to annoy her or was it a signal to give to her . . . telling her you liked her more than a childhood friend should like LIKE her? And Shay, what about you? Do you have a nickname for Calla or does she secretly have one for you behind closed doors?

Ren [half smile]: A little of both.

Shay: No nicknames. At least if she has one for me she hasn't told me.

Ren: I can think of a few.

Shay: I'm sure you could.

Erin: I think I could too. [laughs] Speaking of Calla, what was your first impression of her for the both of you? Was it insta-love like in the movies or did it take some time to have true love sneak up behind you when you least expected it?

Ren [sighs]: You know we're guys right? This is not the stuff we usually talk about. Soul baring: not a habit.

Shay: While I agree with Ren, I can tell you that I had a hard time believing what Calla was really. That took some time getting used to before I got to any of the feelings stuff . . . she is hot though. There was no denying that from the beginning.

Ren: Yeah she is.

Erin: So hypothetically speaking, if you knew Calla's decision between the two of you, knew whom she wanted to be with the most for the rest of her life, would either of you accept her decision and walk away with some pride left on your side, or would you go to great lengths and fight to the death to be with Calla? After all . . . she needs a strong Alpha male (I know Ren has what it takes) to help her lead the others.

[Shay and Ren look at each other for a long, very awkward pause]

Shay: If we start talking about this we'll fight.

Ren: Yes. Definitely.

Shay: I don't think you want to see that.

Erin: I won't argue with that. [daydreams for a second of two hot boys fighting each other and shakes head] Okay then, I'm going to play a quick game with you to take away all this tension. A game I like to call 'Fill in the Blanks' game . . . are you game enough to play it?

[Both nod]

Nobody knows I am . . .

Shay: An expert at picking locks.

Ren: Thinking of becoming a vegetarian.

[Shay laughs and Ren joins in]

Ren: Yeah, I'm kidding. Can't think of anything else.

I secretly wished . . .

Shay: That I could live with my parents and not move around all the time.

Ren: That I could just be a wolf and not deal with all this war, school, humanity bullshit.

My biggest pet peeve is . . .

Shay and Ren [in unison, pointing at each other]: Him.

The only thing I think about is . . .

Ren: Calla, and the pack.

Shay: Calla, and my family.

When I think about true love I think . . .

Ren: See above, still guys.

Shay: Nah. I'm gonna go with Shakespeare.

Ren [growls]: Fine. I kind of liked The Proposal.

Shay [begins to laugh]: The Proposal?

Ren [glares at him]: I mean, for a chick flick. It was pretty funny.

My perfect date would be . . .

Ren: A hunt and skinny dipping in a mountain pool. It would have to be summer, or that last bit wouldn't be much fun.

Shay: Anything that lets me be alone with her. Just time with her is all that matters.

Ren [growls] and Shay [bares teeth]

Bonus Question - Boxers or briefs (this question is just for the ladies)?

[Question distracts both boys from menacing each other]

Shay [with a slight blush]: Boxers.

Ren [eases back in chair]: Boxers. Wanna see them?

Erin: Well, if you want to I guess you could -

Shay: Oh give it a rest.

Erin: And just before you go, can you tell my blog readers what to expect in the third and final installment of the Nightshade series, Bloodrose?

Breakneck action, sexy times, and the final battle!

Erin: Thank you both darlings for stopping by! *winks at Ren while shaking hands with the two boys and quickly walks out of the room*

Whew! I'm glad that's over. Too much hotness in the room in there! Am I right, folks? I would like to take up this opportunity to say a big thanks to Ren and Shay for the interview! I'm quite amazed by how long they stayed together in that room alone. You know . . . without killing each other! Anyway, there you have it folks! Be sure to pick up a copy of Andrea Cremer's last installment of the Nightshade series, Bloodrose, because it has a killer of an ending! I should know . . . I've read it and cried over it for days!


  1. LOOOOL!!!! I love these books and I love these characters and I LOVE this interview! <3 It was so much fun to watch Shay & Ren bicker with each other -- I still think that they'd make an amazing team despite that! x) And this line made gush: "Anything that lets me be alone with her. Just time with her is all that matters." I'm Team Ren all the way, but I still adore Shay to the core! :)

    Love this interview! Oh gosh, Erin, the ending for Bloodrose made me want to cry too -- it broke my heart! -- but I still thought it was perfectly bittersweet! ;) <3

    1. Thanks Mimi! I totally think so too! They would make an awesome team regards of their tempers around each other. I too, am Team Ren. Oh that ending . . . WHY?!

  2. Hahaha LOVE THIS! Especially when they start growling at each other and oh Ren. Ren, Ren, Ren! YES. I'd er.... like to see visual proof that you're a boxers kind of guy ;)

    Hehe I'm glad they agree on one thing, even if it is the pet peeve one :P

    FANTASTIC interview, Erin! You did a fine job at keeping these boys in line :D Loved it! <3

    1. Thanks Brodie! Glad to hear you loved this! Oh yes . . . the growling was hilarious and the boxers thing . . . totally knew Ren was a boxers kind of guy. haha. Anyway thankfully they DID agree on something or else I would've been outta there sooner rather than later.

  3. OMG! What an awesome interview!! The Nightshade series is one of my favorite series, and I enjoyed getting to know Shay and Ren is a more, um, personal matter LoL!!

    1. Thanks Kristina. Glad you enjoyed this personal interview. ;)

  4. EEEEEEEEE! Awesome interview! Erin, this was SO. MUCH. FUN!
    *bites nails* I'm about to start reading the series... now I'm even more messed up about the ending I know's coming :'(

    1. The ending will really mess you up but I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this series!

  5. I've only read Nightshade and while I admit I have no immediate plans to read the other books I did love Ren *swoon* I'll totally take a look at his boxers!! ;)

    1. I think everyone would want to see Ren's boxer shorts. haha.

  6. That was awesome! I can't wait to start this series now :P. Favourite part:

    Ren [eases back in chair]: Boxers. Wanna see them?

    Erin: Well, if you want to I guess you could -

    Shay: Oh give it a rest.

    Lol! Loved it. Thanks so much! :)

    1. Haha I'm so glad you enjoyed it and THAT part of the interview. It was my favourite too. ;)

  7. Awesome interview, Erin! I've only read the first book in the Nightshade series, but I've heard wonderful things about it. Oh, Ren. You hilariously dirty boy. ;)

  8. That was adorable! Thanks for the interview ;) *snatches Ren's boxers*

  9. Great character interview! I can't help throw Connor in to the mix too...* ducks any low flying items*, he's got a lot less tension about him, but I am liking the Ren:D


    1. Thanks. Yeah Ren is such a great character.

  10. Awwwww <33 I haven't read this series yet (and don't kill me, but I don't plan to either) but I THINK I'M FALLING FOR RENNN <3 (i don't think I can stand reading about a character I liked dying :S soo yeahh) These two are hilarious! My favourite part: Ren [eases back in chair]: Boxers. Wanna see them? EEEEEEEE! YESSSS!
    heheee FANTASTIC character interview, Erin!<3

  11. I definitely recommend you reading this series. But if you're sure . . . then maybe it's a good thing considering how this last book ended. Saves you the heartache. Anyway thanks for commenting! Glad you enjoyed it!

  12. Awesome interview! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much!
    Great site you have here, new follower!
    And hooray for being a fellow Aussie blog! I never knew there were so many of us!
    I'd love you to stop by my blog some time and say hello! Book Me!


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