Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Win an ARC copy of DIVERGENT!

Okay, with the release day so close and for my faithful fellow blogger readers -both old and the new - in celebration of this debut novel, I have ONE ARC copy of Divergent to giveaway! This is an amazing book and I know a lot of people are excited to read this debut novel by Veronica Roth! Mainly because of the hot Four love interest . . . but nonetheless it's a great novel! You can check out my book review here if you're curious!

Unfortunately . . . this giveaway is for Australians ONLY!

To win, all you have to do is just put your name down at the bottom of this post and your email address so I have a way to contact you, and also answer the following question . . .

Which fraction would you choose and why?

Are you Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Erudite (the intelligent), Amity (the peaceful), or Candor (the honest)?

To give you an idea on how to answer this question, I'll post my opinion on what fraction I would choose:

While the five fractions seem appealing - because each and every human possesses these different qualities - but I would have to choose the Dauntless. To be brave it requires the most heart; you can be brave to be wrong, brave when you're scared, brave when you're trying, and you can even be brave when you're simply being honest. It takes a lot of self-sacrifice and knowledge altogether, and while the Dauntless fraction can be pretty extreme in their tactics . . . but what's wrong in facing your fears? Eventually, you'll have to face everything that brings you down in order to become a stronger and a more independent person.

You get the idea . . . ?

Be sure to follow my blog and I'll follow back (for those who have blogger), be sure to check out Divergent's facebook page here and you can also check out the fraction quiz here too!

This giveaway ends April 30th, 2011!


  1. So excited for Divergent! Thanks for the giveaway!

    I'd probably choose Erudite, the intelligent, because I consider myself an intelligent person. I really value intelligence over the other factions because intelligence is more something you have to work to become, rather than just a quality you could inherently have.


  2. oww.. i'm in indonesia.. that's so sad that this great giveaway is Australians only.. :(
    really2 wanna read this.. :(

  3. Awesome! What a brilliant time to be an Aussie. (;
    (Sorry mine's so long!)

    The factions are clever, and they manage to touch on qualities that everyone does strive to achieve. You have polar opposites with Dauntless and Amity, and then Abnegation and Candor are focused on others. I would, however, have to go with Erudite. Understand that intelligence is a selfish aim that can be furthered and nurtured to the point where the individual can direct where it is used. Intelligence can be used to overcome adversity in a manner that may not take such fearlessness. It can be used to twist situations to better both parties, and provide truth in a manner that would be softened on the ears it fell on. Intelligence can weave words and merge situations to give precedence, to allow logic to execute peace. An intelligent person is given snippets of all aspects of the world, and is forced to stand independent as they haven't the strength of comrades or the promises of honesty of selflessness to protect themselves from confrontation.


  4. :O) great giveaway and yay an Aussie one ;)
    Id choose Candor as I feel its posseses some of the other fractions as well. To be honest, is to be not only truthful to yourself but others. Why live alife where you cant just be yourself honest with others and honest with each and every one.. To be Candor you need to be brave, to put forward your honesty, you need to be inteligant, to be able to work out how you want to approach your honestly, Amity- also to keep the peace while being honest, and also selfles to release when you are wrong and have to be honest about it :O)
    I belive honesty gets you everywhere, wouldnt you want everyone to be honest with you ... rather than beat around the bush ?? lol

    thanks for the great comp Erin !!


  5. I'd choose Erudite (the intelligent), because intelligence goes a long way.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  6. It's so fantastic to find an Aussie contest! Count me in please =)

    I'd be a Candor. I like to think I'm an honest person, through and through. I say what's on my mind and people who know me, know that I'll give them the gods honest truth....even if it's something they may not wanna hear :/

    Great contest though.
    Happy Easter

  7. Can't wait to read Divergent, thanks for the op!
    I think I'd be Amity - I'm a very quite person and I love my peace :)

  8. Hi there, I so want tor ead this book, heard great things:D

    Michelle A.

  9. Note: This post is for a friend, Rachel, since she couldn't get on the internet atm. Anyway, here's her answer.

    I would be condor the honest because in life honesty gets you a long way and because its better to tell someone the truth than to tell them a lie, it can sometimes hurt people by being honest but its better than decieving them. :)

  10. This contest has ended! Thanks for entering!


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