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Q&A with Elementals author Brigid Kemmerer

I am so excited to have Brigid Kemmerer joining us today! Like with so many other fans around the world, I too had absolutely LOVED the author's debut novel, Storm, and now her much anticipated sequel, SPARK, being released earlier this month, the Merrick brothers - and in particular the smexy-hottie Gabriel who is now our main hero in this second installment of the Elemental series - are once again bringing sexy back and not to mention much more trouble along with them as well!

So please feel free to check out my interview with the author herself below. I'm sure you will love her answers as much as I do!
Q: You might get this question a lot, but what inspired you to write about the Merrick brothers with very different paranormal powers? How did you manage to come up with such a cool idea?

The first novel I wrote in high school was about four vampire brothers, named Michael, Nicholas, Gabriel, and Christopher. It was a silly story, but I still have most of it on paper. In my twenties, when I really began to take writing seriously, I wrote a few books but was unable to find a literary agent or a publisher. I couldn't get those four brothers out of my head – but I didn't want to do vampires again. I started tossing around ideas that would work with the number four. Four horsemen of the apocalypse. Four leaf clovers. Four, four, four. The four elements of earth, air, fire, and water seemed to work best—and I had a lot of ideas how I could make it fun. Who wouldn't want to be able to control the elements?

Q: In your debut novel, Storm, and in your newly released sequel, Spark, I see that one of your most prominent themes is bullying. Each of your characters - Becca, Quinn, Layne, Simon and even the Merrick brothers themselves - have experienced it in many forms. What made you explore this major theme? Have you put your own high school experiences into the novel or perhaps someone else's?

It’s funny – I didn't really set out to write a novel about bullying. But when I was young, I changed schools every year, so I was constantly the new kid. I was chubby and brainy and bookish, and that doesn't exactly lend itself to being instantly popular. School is all about learning interpersonal dynamics—basically, how to relate to each other. While not everyone is bullied, everyone can relate to the struggle for figuring out who you are and where you fit on the social ladder. Once I started exploring that theme, it kind of took over. 

Q: In Spark, I really enjoyed getting to know Gabriel and Layne and watching these two grow in their relationship. What was your thought process on how this new romance would develop? How did you go about constructing these equally matched and headstrong characters?

Gabriel and Layne were so much fun to write! I knew Gabriel needed a strong girl to match his personality, and I needed to make her complex, because Gabriel himself is so complex. I just kept throwing challenges at them until I thought they might break, because then they’d have the opportunity to save each other.

Q: Do you by any chance plan to write more than 3 books in the Elementals world? Or are you planning to write something outside the paranormal genre?

I definitely would like to have the opportunity to write more Elemental books! I’m working on a proposal for more right now. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Q: If you have any, what music inspirations did you have for you novel/s or in particular your characters, Gabriel and Layne?

There’s a playlist in the back of Spark, but one song that always gets me thinking about the series is Something Beautiful by NeedToBreathe. It’s the perfect theme song for the Elemental Series. 

Q: If you were one of your leading ladies, which Merrick brother would you choose and why?

Oh, wow! They’re all so much fun. When I was in high school, I probably would have gone for Gabriel, but now, I’d definitely be a Michael girl.

Q: Lastly, what can your readers expect from your third installment, Spirit? Any more hottie scenes we should be excited for?

Well, Spirit hasn't gone through my editor yet, so this answer may change. Spirit is by far the most action packed book I've written yet, and it’s full of sexy-times  too. Hunter meets Kate, another Guide, and let’s just say that she’s definitely a challenge for him to keep up with.

A big thanks to Brigid for answering my questions and to the amazing publicist, Lara from Allen & Unwin, for including me on this super fun blog tour!

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Brigid Kemmerer finds the time to write somewhere between caring for her family and working at her day job, but sometimes she ends up mothering her coworkers and managing her family. Storm: The Elemental Series is her first novel.


  1. I was always moving when I was little, and I had trouble adapting. I guess that's why it's so easy for me to relate to these books. That feeling of being an outsider never quite goes away, not even when you get older and accomplished.

    Also, I realize you created him, Brigid, but you can't have Michael! MINE! :D
    Great interview, Erin!

    1. I've never had to move around a lot but if I did I think I would have a hard time adapting too.

      I want Michael too - well, I want ALL of them actually. haha. Thanks!

  2. Ahhhh I'm so excited for Spirit!! Although Hunter wasn't a favourite character of mine, I can't wait to meet Kate!
    Awesomee interview Erin!<3

    1. I actually loved Hunter's character so I hope he wins you over in the next book. Thanks Shirley!

  3. Oh my goodness you guys! This is an wonderful interview. I didn't change schools often--only once, but it was HARD.

    And Hunter? OK, I LOVE Hunter. I am so so SOOO excited for Spirit! ♥

    1. Thank you, Sarah. I loved doing this interview. I didn't change schools often either, apart from moving from the country to the city but I found it really hard too.

      I love Hunter as well so like you I'm super excited to read Spirit!!!

  4. I had no idea the Merricks started off as vampires in Brigid's head! I wonder if I'd like them as much if she went along with that. ;)

    Really great interview! thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


    Also: SPIRIT. OMG. I am SO effing excited. Hunter is working his way up the ladder as my second fave elemental boy. Gabriel is the first, obviously :D

    Love love love this interview and BRIGID!! <3

    1. Hahaha xD

      I'm so excited to read Hunter's story . . . gotta love him AND Gabriel of course! ;)

  6. Ooo, more Elemental books are possible? Yay! That's the best news I've heard all day. This is such a great interview, ladies--thanks for posting it. I appreciated the question and answer re: bullying especially.

    1. Great news, right? Need more Elemental books!


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