Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Sharpest Blade by Sandy Williams

Release Date: 31st December, 2013

Publisher: Ace

Pages: 320pgs

The Story

Torn between two worlds.

Torn between two lives.

McKenzie Lewis’s ability to read the shadows has put her—and …those she loves—in harm’s way again and again. The violence must end, but will the cost of peace be more devastating than anyone ever imagined?

After ten years of turmoil, the life McKenzie has always longed for may finally be within her grasp. No one is swinging a sword at her head or asking her to track the fae, and she finally has a regular—albeit boring—job. But when a ruthless enemy strikes against her friends, McKenzie abandons her attempt at normalcy and rushes back to the Realm.

With the fae she loves and the fae she’s tied to pulling her in different directions, McKenzie must uncover the truth behind the war and accept the painful sacrifices that must be made to end it. Armed with dangerous secrets and with powerful allies at her side, her actions will either rip the Realm apart—or save it.

The Review

A big thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy of this book!

THE SHARPEST BLADE was a delightful end to this adult fantasy trilogy and while it wasn't exactly my favourite instalment in the series, but I was still pretty happy with how everything was concluded in the end. It was nice and clean. Straight to the point too.

Now for the majority of this series, I've always had this fondness for our main character, McKenzie, and let me tell you she was a very tough heroine throughout the series, especially in this third and final book. She was very kick-ass, in fact. Now despite her romantic troubles between two very powerful guys (which is solved by the end of this book thankfully), but when it comes to fighting against the fae and their other creatures, McKenzie never allowed anyone - not even once - to push her around and so . . . she definitely holds her own in any situation that she faces, which - I guess - is one of the many qualities that I've always came to admire about her. Another thing too, McKenzie, at least what I found, had already made her decision with who she wanted to be with between her two love interests from   the end of book one and she never regretted her choice with this particular 'love' of hers, which is a nice change to read about considering love triangles don't always end well for the heroine, so yeah that was nice.

Overall, THE SHARPEST BLADE contained so many elements that I love in the fantasy genre and I would definitely recommend this series for sure! It's such a fun, quick read.

The Rating
4/5 stars

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