Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hunger Games - Katniss!

While I'm taking a well deserved and a very much relaxing reading break, I didn't plan to post anything for about week . . . but it was a MUST post today! Released just hours ago, may I introduce to you Hunger Games leading star, Jennifer Lawrence as . . . KATNISS EVERDEEN!

OH MY GOD! Wow! I admit, I was one of those fans who didn't like the choice of Jennifer becoming the Katniss! She was blonde and wasn't how I imagined the heroine. But now after the many weeks of knowing her from watching video interviews and seeing this exclusive photo of her dressed up as the leading lady of Hunger Games, I'm now officially convinced that she's perfect for one of our favourite YA characters! I can't wait to see what Peeta and Gale will look like, dressed up for their roles and ready to kick butt. I really need to grab this magazine and FIND OUT more! It'll be interesting what Josh (aka Peeta) will look like . . . I really hope he goes BLONDE! As for Liam (Gale), he's perfect for the role . . . and he's a great choice for Gale's character.

So what do you guys think? Is she your Katniss or isn't she?

It doesn't matter. I just DEMAND the HUNGER GAMES film NOW!


  1. I LOVE HER!!! She looks absolutely perfect as Katniss. I was ridiculously excited to finally see her in all her Hunger Games glory - with the mockingjay pin, the braid, the bow and arrows and the dyed hair! I'm itching for the magazine to be released so someone can scan any inside shots.

    Man, I'm so excited for Peeta and Gale now! *bounces*

  2. I know! Once I saw the hair dyed, the mockingjay pin, the braid, the bow and arrows . . . I was in awe!

    I'm more excited to see Gale in person, cause I love him. And I'm interested in seeing Josh as a blonde . . . cause he wasn't my favourite for Peeta. Really wanted Hunter Parrish.

  3. I need to grab the mag tomorrow, too. She looks SO GOOD! I knew movie magic would make her look incredible, esp. since she could act the part. And the pin!!!!!!! *love, love, love*

  4. Yes, I must look out for the magazine! I hope the movie stays true to the book! But yes . . . THE PIN! Love!


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