Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a quick note

Like dear Jack here searching for his Rose, I've been off the book radar for the last few days. I'm supposed to be reading HUNTRESS by Malinda Lo (a lovely copy that I scored from ATOM books cause I'm awesome at winning things) and THE QUEEN'S LADY by Eve Edwards, but unfortunately for my awesome book blog, I've decided to take at least a week's break from reading and everything book blog related. Just a small break. So bear with me if I don't update like I usually do. I should be back to reading in a week or so. Maybe two. We'll see. Erin. xox


  1. Jaaaaaaack! <3 Celine Dione was a liar. My heart did not go on after he died ;( But awwww, we will miss your blogging awesomeness! I get where you're coming from though. Sometimes I just need a break from the whole reading/book side of my life and chill out with other stuff. So have a fun 'vacation' and I hope to see you back soon! :D

  2. Haha Celine Dione was definitely a liar! He's been alive for a while now! Anyway, I might only take a week off but it will be worth it! And I'll have fun I'm sure of it. :)


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