Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Rogue Princess by Eve Edwards

Release Date: 7th July, 2011

Publisher: Razorbill

Pages: 257pgs

The Story

London, England, 1586

Sixteen-year-old Mery Hart is the daughter of one of London's richest - and strictest - cloth merchants.

Kit Turner is an actor and the illegitimate son of the late Earl of Dorset. A chance encounter finds Kit falling for the beautiful Mercy's charms, but their love is forbidden. A merchant's daughter and a vagabond - it simply cannot be.

If Mercy chooses Kit she must renounce her family name and leave her home. Will she favour duty over true love, or will she give Kit his heart's desire?

The Review

Eve Edwards is a historical genius! In the previous books of The Other Countess series, we've seen Will, the young earl of Dorset fall in love with a girl of no fortune and whom was a personal favourite coupling of mine, and then in The Queen's Lady we've seen James, Will's younger brother, whom falls in love with Lady Jane, the young girl whom Will was supposed to marry. However, this time round we hear the story of young Kit, the illegimate son of the late Earl and also the stepbrother to Will and James, who also falls in love with the wrong girl.

In THE ROGUE PRINCESS, Kit is a player in the theatre. Somewhat flamboyant and a bit of a loveable young man to the ladies, Kit soon transforms his devilish ways when he crosses paths with the pure and innocent-hearted Mercy Hart, the daughter of a rich cloth merchant. The pair quickly fall in love and now it's up to reckless Kit to win her father's approval - a hard man with his own set of principles, even though it seems near to impossible since Mercy comes from a very strict and religious background. Ahhhhhhh . . . don't you love it already? *nods* I think you do readers!

I love Eve Edwards as an author. She writes romances that make your heart flutter - no matter how cliche they sound - and while The Other Countess remains my favourite out of the whole book series, I thoroughly enjoyed this one too. Perhaps more than the second installment, The Queen's Lady. It was amusing to see Kit wooing Mercy over and make her fall helplessly in love with him. Their courtship was pure and readers will love reading about their longing glances, their stolen-but-gentle little kisses, and of course, their undying devotion that these two lovebirds share for one another.

Since the story is set in 1586, readers will also see glimpses of some real life historical accounts of figures such as Shakespeare and Statford. Even the small mentionings of Queen Elizabeth which a lot will appreciate with its realism. Nonetheless, if you're not familiar with some of these historical mentionings, you'll still enjoy the great scenery details that capture readers from the very beginning. Personally for me, I love anything historical. And because of that well-known fact about me, Eve Edwards makes me love it even more! The thing I love most about Eve Edwards's writing is how much research she manages to conjure up for her novels and she writes them successfully. So if you enjoyed the previous novels of The Other Countess series, then you're going to be swept away by the romantic and the lovely tale of THE ROGUE PRINCESS.

The Rating

4 1/2 / 5 stars


  1. This series really sounds great! And I so need some more historical in my bookshelves because I'm seriously lacking. I especially like how you describe the romance in this :) I have the second book in the series, so definitely need to get myself the first soon! Great review, Erin!

  2. Thanks Brodie! You should definitely start reading this series . . . totally swoon-worthy!


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