Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Trouble With Flirting by Claire LaZebnik

Release Date: Out now!

Publisher: HarperTeen

Pages: 288pgs

The Story

Franny's supposed to be working this summer, not flirting. But you can't blame her when guys like Alex and Harry are around. . . .

Franny Pearson never dreamed she'd be attending the prestigious Mansfield Summer Theater Program. And she's not, exactly. She's working for her aunt, the resident costume designer. But sewing her fingers to the bone does give her an opportunity to spend time with her crush, Alex Braverman. If only he were as taken with the girl hemming his trousers as he is with his new leading lady.

When Harry Cartwright, a notorious flirt, shows more than a friendly interest in Franny, she figures it can't hurt to have a little fun. But as their breezy romance grows more complicated, can Franny keep pretending that Harry is just a carefree fling? And why is Alex suddenly giving her those deep, meaningful looks? In this charming tale of mixed messages and romantic near-misses, one thing is clear: Flirting might be more trouble than Franny ever expected.

The Review

This book had so much, SO MUCH potential and it was just wasted (as sad as it is to say so) because after loving Claire LaZebnik's Pride and Prejudice modern retelling of Epic Fail, I was definitely certain that I would love her next book which is yet another loose retelling of Mansfield Park - a book that is my third favourite book coming from one of my favourite classic novelists of all-time, Jane Austen.

Now I adored Mansfield Park and if any book is going to be a modern retelling of it . . . it has to be absolutely perfect. Perfect. I mean, look at what the author did with her Epic Fail book! Now that was one awesome book that stayed true to the original. But, as for this new book, THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING just wasn't what I wanted nor expected it to be like. Not in any respects. I guess I just felt disappointed by the fact that the book was nothing like Mansfield Park (really it shouldn't have been connected to it what-so-ever because it would stand just fine on its own), other than a few similar situations that were like what happened in the original book. Well . . . sort of. But that was it really . . . apart from a few characters with similar likeness to the characters in Mansfield Park. But honestly that was it! And as for the ending itself and which boy the main character, Franny, chooses in the end, it was totally different to the original book and I didn't like that one bit. I get the twist the author was going for and I applaud her for writing it (you know, to make her book her own) but I just didn't like it I'm afraid, even though it was only supposed to be a 'loose' retelling of Austen's book. Le sigh.

Overall, don't get me wrong here, I thought THE TROUBLE WITH FLIRTING was a good little book but it was a major disappointment on my part. While I liked the cute storyline it told, however as far as the characters go (characters who were either annoying, frustrating or were just not good people at all) and for the suppose 'retelling' it was supposed to tell . . . I just couldn't connect to much of anything, even though I tried really hard to find some redemption in in some of the characters. I guess it was my loss really. Still, I'm looking forward to reading what else the author is going to write. Hopefully it's something more up her Epic Fail alley which I was looking for in this particular book.

The Rating
2/5 stars


  1. ooh.. I actually did not like Epic Fail at all.. when I read it at the time, I was pretty tired of the P&P retellings and didn't enjoy it.. however I am happy that The Trouble with Flirting is a very loose retelling of mansfield park because I don't want to read a carbon copy of the main story. But I understand where you are coming from since this is marketed as a retelling.

    great review,
    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

    1. Thanks Juhina. I think it would have been better with us NOT being told it was a retelling because I had many expectations for this title especially since I loved the original piece . . . so it kind of ruined my enjoyment in the end. Still, it's up to the reader to see what they think of the book. It did have an enjoyable element to it. Mostly. :D


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