Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inside Out & Outside In by Maria V. Snyder

For today's post I'm doing something a 'little' different compared to my other past book reviews. Since I recently and FINALLY finished these two books in Maria Snyder's YA series, I thought it would be cool to do them together - but a slightly more 'mini review' form! Also be on the lookout for an upcoming contest featuring some Snyder goodies! *More details to come*

Release Date: Both books are out now!

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Pages: 315pgs / 326pgs

Inside Out

The Story

Keep your head down.

Don't get noticed.

Or else.

I'm Trella. I'm a scrub. A nobody. One of thousands who work the lower levels, keeping Inside clean for the Uppers. I've got one friend, do my job and try to avoid the Pop cops. So what if I occasionally use the pipes to sneak around the Upper levels? The only neck at risk is my own. Until I accidentally start a rebellion, fall in love with an Upper and become the go-to-girl to lead a revolution . . .

The 'Mini' Review

I'm a huge fan of Maria V. Snyder - both with her Poison Study and her Glass series - and since I love the trending dystopian genre and her work . . . I knew I would love this book series too! And I was right. This particular series took me a while to get into compared to my favourite Poison Study series (one of the best series by the way), but this novel certainly grew on me as I learnt more about Trella and of her world. When it comes to Trella as a main heroine, she has a lot of hard choices to make throughout the book and it's a real struggle for her as she has to cross the fine line between being told what to do and to do what needs to be done. You can tell once all these little pieces click together that the character herself begins to grow into a young woman but in a more positive way than the girl you first meet at the beginning of the book. She's in for the fight of her life - and she knows what's right - and I love that about Trella. But most of all . . . I fell in love with the cleverness in Snyder's writing, the emotional scenes with each and every page, and the sheer pleasure of reading Synder's words flow until the very end. So pick up a copy now! It's well worth it!

Outside In

The Story

A Leader?

Okay, so I did prove that there's more to Inside than we knew. A whole world exists beyond this cube we live in. And finding that led to a major rebellion between worker scrubs like me and the snobby Uppers who rule the world. Make that ruled. Because of me, we're free. I thought that meant I could go off on my own again - while still touching base with Riley, of course. He's the one Upper I think I can trust.

But then we learn that there is an Outside. And something from Outside wants In.

The 'Mini' Review

When I read the first book INSIDE OUT, I thought the whole EPICNESS had a WOW depth to it. Trella reminded me a lot of Katniss from the Hunger Games and judging by this book alone, I can definitely see the similarities in her personality and in her strengths. But when it comes to Snyder's sequel, OUTSIDE IN, she yet again WOWed me more than ever before. There's riots breaking out, there's some epic heart-stopping action, there's a race against time kind-of-adventure happening, and also there's some deadly bombings . . . the list is endless. What I love most about Maria Snyder is that you don't know what to expect when it comes to her new books and that's why I love reading every single book she brings out! Without revealing spoilers, I can definitely say if you haven't read a Maria V. Snyder book then please do! OUTSIDE IN gives us readers the mystery we want to endeavour, the danger we want to put ourselves in, the action we want to experience, the suspence we want to keep us on the edge of our seats. In the end, Maria Snyder will leave you wanting more and MORE! And I mean MORE! Great books we got here folks!

The Rating

(for both books)

5/5 stars


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you loved these!! It was really such an awesome series and I so, so, so need to get my hands on Poison Study too. Also cannot wait for Touch of Power to come out!

    Great idea with the mini-reviews :D

  2. Poison Study is the best. But I'm really glad that I loved these books too!

    Thanks for commenting. I thought the mini reviews would be a good idea . . . saves me another post with having these two together. :)

  3. I only knew her Poison series and I haven't read them yet. But I'll try to get my hands on Poison and this fantastic series.P.S The cover is awesome!

  4. I haven't started this series yet but it sounds great! I love dystopian, so I think I'll definitely enjoy them! Thanks for the reviews :).

  5. Thanks Jez & Liz. Can't wait to hear your thoughts when you read them!


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