Saturday, July 30, 2011

Richelle Mead's Storm Born Issue #2

Book format: Graphic Novel

Publisher: Sea Lion Books

Pages: 37pgs

The Story

Eugenie Markham is a freelance shaman, guarding our world from the invasion of Otherworldly creatures. Those who try have 'The Dark Swan' to deal with. But Eugenie's about to cross into the Otherworld alone to rescue a girl that nobody else will. Will she make it back across alive?

The Review

A big thank you to Patrick from Sea Lion Books for sending me links to this issue!

If you haven't read my review on STORM BORN's first graphic novel issue, then you can read it here. For issue #2 of Richelle Mead's new graphic novel series, it picks up exactly off where issue #1 ends - diving straight into the action. After some hot 'love-making' with a guy named Kyo and even before the night ends, Eugenie is met with something unexpected - something otherworldly - and soon learns that Kyo himself isn't all what he appears to be. When a creature attack goes wrong and Kyo awkwardly disappears into the night, Eugenie knows she's in a big fat mess. Again like in issue #1 Sea Lion Books has published yet another great installment in the STORM BORN graphic novel series and the action scenes were very awesome, much like I expected them to be.

What I loved most about this issue was the action! There was definitely more of it in issue #2 and they were shown through amazing scenes, vivid colours, and the overall story was developed so very well - even for a graphic novel it's surprising. Anyway, in this issue I'm glad that we got to see more of Eugenie and her well . . . her personal life. Readers will also learn a little bit more under that hardrock shell of hers and will appreciate Eugenie as the main character. And also - I can't wait to see what will happen with Kyo, especially after the way things ended with him in this issue. But I already know what happens since I've read the books that the graphic novels are based on, but still . . . it'll be interesting what issue #3 will bring up next onto the table! So graphic novel and Richelle Mead fans, you should definitely pick up a copy! Well worth it! Thanks again to Patrick from Sea Lion Books for giving me the opportunity to read this very awesome graphic novel!

The Rating

5/5 stars


  1. Sounds like yet another great and visually gorgeous installment!! So happy to hear that the team at Sea Lion Books have done justice to the words of Richelle Mead. If they impress the die-hard fan within you, I'm excited to see what they come up with next :D

  2. LOL. Definitely happy with the team at Sea Lion Books. Patrick from SLB was super nice! Glad I got to see the graphic novel a little early! I think they're out now in America but over here we don't get them unless we order from book depo etc. Which is cool.


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