Friday, July 29, 2011

Richelle Mead's Storm Born Issue #1

Book format: Graphic Novel

Publisher: Sea Lion Books

Pages: 36pgs

The Story

Eugenie Markham never asked for any of this. Until now, she's been content with her job as a freelance shaman, battling and banishing Otherworldly creatures. When a prophecy suddenly makes her the Otherworld's most popular bachelorette, Eugenie finds herself fighting off unwanted supernatural suitors, as well as the evils that begin emerging from her past . . .

The Review

A big thanks to Patrick from Sea Lion Books for sending me links to this issue!

For those obsessed Richelle Mead fans like myself, then you're going to love this graphic novel adaptation of Mead's adult book series, the Dark Swan series - which can also be known as Storm Born. When I first heard Richelle Mead was going to have yet another one of her books published into a graphic novel, I was super excited for this! Not only because it's another Mead book to collect, but it's because I'm a major fan of anything graphic novel! Comics, manga, graphic novels . . . you name it!

For the first issue of STORM BORN it went beyond my expectations! The drawings and the colours clearly spoke for themselves and I have to say two thumbs up for Sea Lion Books! They did a brilliant job with this! It brought a wonderful feel to the story and since I'm a big fan of the adult novel series, it was super awesome to see some of my favourite characters brought to life in graphic novel form! The only thing I was disappointed in was the length because it made me want more and more of it! Bring on more Eugenie Markham please!

If you're a fan of Richelle Mead (which is a silly statement to make since you ALL have to be a fan of hers) or if you're simply looking for a great graphic novel to read, then be sure to pick up a copy of this first issue since it's a very cool new addition to the graphic novel book department since it'll become one of your favourites! Though be warned to younger readers of Mead's Vampire Academy series, this graphic novel does contain some sexual content. Once again, thank you to Patrick for allowing me to review this early!

The Rating
5/5 stars


  1. Sounds awesome!! SHAMEFULLY I have not yet read this series. I know, I know, what is wrong with me? Since VA and Bloodlines are so freaking amazing. But I'm definitely interested in checking them out. Maybe even the graphic novel first for some visual motivation! :)

  2. *shock* How could you not read the series?!?! haha. Not to worry a lot of people probably haven't read her other series but I'm a true fan here and love every single book Mead brings out! But that's just me being the nerdy one! Haha.


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