Monday, March 25, 2013

Losing It by Cora Carmack

Release Date: Out Now!

Publisher: Ebury

Pages: 288pgs

The Story

Love. Romance. Sex. There's a first time for everything...

As far as Bliss Edwards can tell, she's the last virgin standing, certainly amongst her friends. And she's determined to deal with the 'problem' as quickly and simply as possible.

But her plan for a no-strings one night stand turns out to be anything but simple. Especially when she arrives for her first class and recognizes her hot new British professor.

She'd left him naked in her bed just 8 hours earlier . . .

The Review

A big thanks to the publisher on netGalley for accepting my request in reading this book early!

Lately in the blogging world I've heard nothing but amazing things and all of this 'buzz' about Cora Carmack's debut book, LOSING IT, so I just knew I had to read it no matter what! And, after reading the book in one sitting, I definitely can see why so many enjoyed this particular title as I, myself, am really loving this New Adult genre as I can relate more to these kinds of books as they deal with much older teen themes. But in saying that, I'm quite torn about this book. Part of me really enjoyed it but another part of me just wished for more to actually happen in the book storyline-wise as the book focused much more on the romantic side of things rather than on an actual plot itself. Still, I quite enjoyed this book!

Bliss Edwards, the main character, was absolutely hilarious! She's strong, smart, painfully awkward for the most part (that's for damn sure) and she has her own set of flaws that show up now and then, but she's still hilarious and it was one of the main reasons why I liked this book. All because of her wit and the fact that she adopted a cat sooner after telling her soon-to-be love interest, Garrick, that she had a cat only she didn't actually have one in the first place. Yeah . . . she was quite a strange person our Bliss.

Garrick on the other hand was a little hard to like at first. For sure, I may have already had a big thing for British boys (I mean seriously who doesn't have a thing for British boys?) but Garrick for me was . . . something else entirely. While I did like how caring he was about Bliss and his own serious side, but I just couldn't quite feel the burning connection going on between him and Bliss (maybe that was just me not thinking it was believable enough) but . . . in the end I eventually came around and I just couldn't help but cheer for them both to get together (finally!). And honestly . . . I think any girl would fall hard for a Garrick person easily. Maybe it's the accent? I don't know.

Overall, with a nice little story about first love, growing up and becoming your own person, I thought LOSING IT was a great read and I can see its appeal with a variety of readers. It may not have WOW-ed me exactly nor in the sense of its storyline but the romance department is definitely something worth the while in reading about, and if you love British boys like I do then you're going to love this too!

The Rating
3/5 stars


  1. Fab review, I have this one for review need to move myself and get reading.


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