Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blog Tour Day 2: Mammon - Creating a fantasy world

Hello again and welcome back! It's Day 2 of the Mammon book blog tour and just in case you've missed the Day 1 post, you can check out the Ivan character interview here and also be sure to read and/or comment on my Mammon book review here and the author interview that is posted here.

For today's post, J.B. Thomas has kindly gave me an insight into creating a fantasy world - one about her very awesome and interesting Mammon world. So here's what the author herself has to say:

Creating a Fantasy World

One of the magical things about fantasy fiction is the opportunity to build worlds. In Mammon, I wanted to create a world that was based on the real, but one that had hints of the supernatural poking through.

Border City is a critical part of the story and the setting itself tells the story of a great divide between rich and poor. The City is an oasis that one reaches after traversing the long, interminable Red Desert. The Wasteland, in the north, is a dead zone pillaged by excessive mining, and now, abandoned. Within the mesmerizing glow of the neon lights of the entertainment district, demons rule, trading in the pleasures of the night.

This is Mammon's city. It is through his influence that things have become this way. And let me tell you - they're about to get much worse.

- JB Thomas

Once again, I just want to say a big thank you to J.B. Thomas for letting me have the opportunity to be apart of this Mammon blog tour! Now the next stop of the tour between September 14-15 is at Book Probe where the awesome aussie blogger Braiden will be giving posts of a character interview, a guest post about a new take on demonology, and an author interview with JB. So be sure to check it out and thanks again for those who've come by my blog and reading the posts!


  1. Uh oh.... 'they're about to get much worse' - both worrying and exciting!

    I like the way she's structered Border City and especially the fact that demons are very much in the high, 'glamourous' type scene. It presents so much more danger having them in such a position where they're desired and can easily tempt humans. Great post!

  2. It's always that 'much worse' part isn't there? I too love the way she structured her city. Thanks for stopping by Brodie! :)

  3. Mammon definitely sounds really interesting! I love reading worlds that aren't too far off, that are based on the real one, so this book is going on my TBR. Especially the fact that it's a fantasy...sounds really good!
    Thanks for the post!
    Tina @ BookCouture.com
    P.S. Your blog background is so adorable. <3

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Tina! And thank you for lovin' my blog background. I love it too. :)


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