Monday, September 12, 2011

Blog Tour: Mammon - Character Interview

Hello to everyone! Today is the first stop of the Mammon blog tour and I just want to say a big thank you to the author for giving me the opportunity to be apart of it, and of course, allowing me to be the first blogger on the schedule! For today's post I have asked J.B. Thomas to have an exclusive interview with one of her characters - Mr. Ivan the Terrible himself - and also be on the look out for tomorrow's post where J.B. Thomas gives us readers a post about fantasy world-building which I'm looking forward to. But let me introduce you to the sexy russian love interest, Ivan, from Mammon who has kindly joined us here today!

Erin: Hi Ivan. Thank you for joining us.

Ivan: Hello Erin. Or as we say in Russia, privet.

Erin: It's been an interesting adventure since the Callahan siblings - Grace and Joe - turned up onto the scene. What was your first opinion of these two teens? Were they what you imagined them to be or were they completely different?

Ivan: Quite frankly, they were both a little different. When you're told that a youth has the powers of a Ferryman, especially one with the cookie-cutting power of Joe (he can really carve a crater, da?) you think he's going to be twelve feet tall and breathe fire. Although, he can be a handful! He will calm down. He has a lot to handle for one so young. And as for Grace, let me say this: I was very happy with how she looked. (Laughs) However, I was a little worried about whether she could fight. I have had very close one-on-one combat with the worst of the corruption. It's scary, and I felt very protective of Grace from the moment I met her. Maybe I like her a little . . . hmm - what do you think?

Erin: Haha. I think you do like her. Now Ivan, for people who have read Mammon, they will know that you and Grace have grown closer throughout the book. When you first noticed Grace and now actually knowing her as a person *winks*, has your opinion of her changed much? Also what type of qualities do you admire most about her?

Ivan: Da. Grace is a very strong woman. I like that. She has gained my respect as a warrior. I would feel very disoriented in the realms that Grace seems to thrive in. Her powers give her the ability to save many lives and that makes me proud. She has a kindness and giving spirit that I admire. Since sharing intimate moments with Grace, I feel a very deep connection. But I wouldn't like to get on her wrong side. I think she can make you do more than just a teapot dance, da?

Erin: True, true. I wouldn't want her to make me do a teapot dance. Now according to some people you used to be with Spetsnaz - the Russian special forces. Grace thought you didn't look like the military type. So, how exactly did you get into that? Sounds like tough work to me.

Ivan: I believe Grace was looking at me through, what would you say - glaza lyubvi - eyes of love. At least, I hope so! So maybe she was kinder on me than she should have been. Anyway, I joined Spetsnaz after my father was murdered. After that night, I would not have any man or demon take me without a fight, so I wanted to be the best I could be, the hardest trained. Spetsnaz is the elite of the Russian military. They make you swim through rivers of blood. They try to make your heart cold, lethal. Good training for killing without mercy, without thought. But my destiny was not with them.

Erin: I just had to ask - Any tips for people who ever come across a demon? You know, just in case we see something out of the ordinary.

Ivan: Anyone can become a demon. Slowly, each dark thought pulls you into a tar pit of ever-deepening stickiness. So, keep your eyes peeled and try to do as many random acts of kindness as you can - this helps balance the scales. But, if you meet one up close, face to face, follow your instinct. Run, Erin. Run.

Erin: And lastly, be honest and tell me what you think of the woman who helped put part of your story to life? Has J.B. Thomas told the true events of Ivan the Terrible? *smirks*

Ivan: I have known JB Thomas since I was a very small boy - when I was really just a thought! Ha! But did she tell the truth when she spoke about my past? I can only say this, Erin. To paraphrase Shakespeare's Henry V: 'In peacetime, nothing so becomes a man as gentle spirit and kind heart. But when the trumpet of war sounds, imitate the actions of the tiger.'

Do I like doing what I have to do? Niet. But someone has to do it.

Do svidaniya and spasibo, Erin.

Thank you Ivan for chatting with me, and thank you for stopping by Tales of the Inner Book Fanatic!

And thank you to the author J.B. Thomas!

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  1. IVANNN <3 Dang, Russian men are hot!
    Awesome character interview Erin! <3 Ivan + Grace!

  2. Loved the interview and learning more about Ivan! Plus all the little Russian words he threw in there.... I totally agree with Shirley, we love our Russian men are sexy ;)

    Oh and love the new layout! (plus it loads way better for me now, yay) and thanks so for putting up the YGWG banner! <3

  3. Shirley: We need more Russian men in our lives, don't we? haha. Thanks for stopping by!

    Brodie: Thank you! Yes, Russian men are so sexy. And thanks for lovin' my new layout! I thought my old one was too cluttered. And no probz about putting up the banner. More than happy to help out.

  4. Ivan sounds awesome. I was swooned whenever he said something in Russian... And he was funny when talking about Grace :P. Thanks for this, really want to read the book now!


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