Saturday, September 17, 2011

Insurgent Cover Reveal

Veronica Roth made her YA debut earlier this year with Divergent. Now the sequel won't be out until May 2012 and while the wait might be a killer . . . but to keep your excitement under control, let me present to you the cover of INSURGENT!

So what do you think? Personally for me I love that they kept the city down at the bottom of the page and I love the beautiful Amity symbol . . . but I think this sequel's cover isn't as strong as Divergent's fiery flame. Nonetheless I'm loving the vibe of this cover and I'm looking forward to seeing what Tris and Four will be up to next. Also be sure to check out an exclusive interview with Veronica Roth at EW which you can find here.


  1. Wow, that's a really striking cover, especially with it's symbolism. I haven't read Divergent yet but I'm DYING to and this is making me more excited! Thanks for the post. :)
    Tina @ BookCouture

  2. ARRRRGGGHHHH; It is not quite LOVE but I really LIKE! Perhaps it will even make me swoon when it is in my hands =D oh so good. Thanks girl!!!!!!!

  3. I love the green hue and the tree. It’s more subtle which I love!

  4. Tina: Be sure to read Divergent. It's a great dystopian.

    Jess: Same. It's not quite LOVE but I like it. LOL.

    Braiden: I love the green/tree element too. Definitely more subtle.

  5. I actually LOVE it! Really love the overall feel and colours and Amity's symbol is just gorgeous!

    I want this book NOWNOWNOW. Why isn't it out yet? *cries* WHY, ERIN?!

  6. LOL. It's not coming out yet Brodie because excitement is meant to kill us. ;)


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