Thursday, September 8, 2011

Interview with J.B. Thomas

J.B. Thomas is the debut author of the recently released MAMMON book. If you haven't read my book review of this refreshing and awesome aussie talent, then you can read it here. So I just want to say a big thank you to J.B. Thomas herself for answering all my questions! Anyway, I hope you guys read and enjoy!

1. MAMMON has my two favourite book elements - fantasy and demons. Where did the inspiration come from for MAMMON?

JB: Hi Erin! In regard to inspiration, I started to think about the manifestation of evil within humans, and how several human beings have displayed attitudes and actions that, in any theology, would be considered demonic! Human beings can aspire to great heights of goodness, or great depths of evil - and it's the influential people that can sway the masses towards one or the other. Influential people, such as a certain high demon . . .

2. I absolutely love the cover for MAMMON. I thought it really captured the essence of the storyline. What was your first reaction in seeing the finished product? Was it everything you hoped for?

JB: Yes, it was. I did want it to be a 3D hologram with flashing lights that jumped out at you, but we can't have everything. [Now that would've been cool!] No, seriously, it was a great concept and I thought the artists at Random house did very well. I am very happy with the colours used on the colour and the way that the rift, the City and the siblings are portrayed.

3. I loved the interaction between the characters, more importantly I loved the interaction between Grace and Ivan. Out of everyone, which character was your favourite to write and why?

JB: I did like writing Ivan, especially in the creation of his history. That's something I'm looking forward to expanding on in the sequel. There's a lot more to his background! It's hard to say that I liked writing one character in particular, but if I had to pick, I would say Mammon. [Didn't expect that answer! hehe] Yes, Mammon. He's a Shadow creature, from a cold, hostile dimension. He's brutal and ruthless when he is going after something he wants, yet patient enough to endure over the centuries. I wouldn't want to meet him in a darkk, frost-ridden alley...but he is fun to write. Oh, and he's a sharp dresser [True, true . . .]

4. Do you have any favourite scenes in MAMMON?

JB: I like Chapter One, because of the sense of foreboding. Grace has just seen someting strange pass by the window . . .

5. Any advice to aspiring writers such as myself?

JB: Write about what you know and love. Don't be too precious - editors may ask you to cut out an entire chapter - and you need to trust that they know what they are talking about. Persist, but don't worry if you need to take some time away - the best ideas can crop up when you're away from the high-pressure zone of your writing area.

6. Lastly, how many books will be in the series? After the major cliffhanger at the end of MAMMON (a killer one for me by the way), what can readers expect from MAMMON's sequel? Can you give any hints and/or little teasers?

JB: The Ferryman Chronicles have a deep story arc, and there's a lot more to explore. There are quite a few adventures to come. That's all I can say now! As Dr Who's River Song would say: 'Sorry, spoilers!'

Thank you J.B. for letting me interview you!

Be sure to check out her book and look out for more of her future sequels!

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  1. Haha that would have been WAY cool for the cover. But I do love how it looks, so awesome! Love that Mammon was her favourite character to write... those darker ones are a lot of fun to get into the head of. And I imagine moderately creepy too :) Great interview, can't wait for more adventures in the series!

  2. Haha I want a cover like she mentioned too! hehe. Thanks for commenting Brodie! ;)

  3. Lol, a 3D hologram cover with flashing lights definitely would have been awesome! But I do love the cover we got. I'm really liking the sound of Mammon, it's definitely going on my wishlist! Thanks for the great interview :).

  4. Agreed. Definitely check out this book, it's pretty awesome.


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