Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sandy Claws is here!



I just wanted to take the opportunity to say Merry Christmas to all my lovely followers - the old and the new - and I hope everyone has a great day with their friends and family. I know I will.

Anyway, thank you to everyone for your love and support on my blog all through this year and I'm looking forward to what 2012 brings us! I think it's going to be a great one with plenty of fantastic books coming our way! So again, have a great holiday you guys and also be sure to check out my blog around the first week of January because I have a small but special giveaway for you Aussies!

Here's my 2 fav songs to help spread the christmas spirit! ;)


  1. Merry Christmas! Have an awesome time :).

  2. Dude. Between you and that crazy lady, Sarah, Nightmare Before Christmas is haunting me! So I watched those two videos, since I've NEVER seen the movie before. And... hahaha oh man. At first I thought maybe the lyrics for the second one don't sound so psychotic in context... but yeah, they're totally psychotic. I've so gotta watch this soon LOL.

    Anyway, I hope you had an awesome Christmas, Erin! And may 2012 bring us all some smokin' hot reads :)

  3. Lalaine: Happy Christmas to you too.

    Liz: Merry Christmas! Hope you had an awesome day.

    Brodie: How can you have NOT watched the Nightmare Before Christmas movie!?! Life is not complete without it. haha. My favourite xmas-ish movie of all time! Tim Burton = genius! Anyway hope you had a great christmas! ;)


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