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Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011

Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011

I have so many books and so many of them contain my favourite 'lover-boys' of all time. Seriously I have a lot on my list! But who are my favourite for this year? Again this is hard to list only ten of them but I managed to do so. Anyway here's the list . . .

1. Jem (James) from Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices series)

Okay before you get snappy at me . . . I love Will as well but Jem has really upstepped his game in Clockwork Prince and I'm always on his side, even though at times I'm on Will's. But Jem, sweet, sweet Jem. If you haven't read my Clockwork Prince book review, then thank god you haven't because there's so much emotion I have for this guy! Team Jem forever and ever, and ever!

2. Jay from Desires of the Dead (The Body Finder series)

Jay is the sweetest and the most supportive boyfriend on the fictional boy planet! He's the guy best friend to the main character, Violet, and he's totally boyfriend material through my eyes. He says all the right things, he says the most super sweetest things a boy could ever say, and for once, he's a guy who really cares about his girlfriend, while still treating her as his best friend which I love most about Jay!

3. Adam from Shatter Me

Adam is just about everything you want in a love interest. I want my own Adam! He's sweet, fiercely protective, knows how to treat a girl special, and he says everything you wished a boy like him would whisper in your ear! He's got my heart!

4. Alex from Hunting Lila

Alex . . . Alex . . . Alex. He's smart, sexy, protective when needed, and did I mention that he's super hot in his own super-military-sort-of-way? Yup this guy is one fine man and he's definitely 'the man' to mention in my book boyfriends blog post!

5. Adrian from Bloodlines

Adrian isn't exactly 'boyfriend material' but he certainly knows how to swoon the ladies. Like in the much beloved series Vampire Academy, in this new spin-off series, Adrian wins hearts yet again with his witty comebacks and with his sweet, sincere comments where a lot of the characters are generally suprised by . . . because he really does care behind his fascade of the sometimes-crazy and the sometimes-drunk. And we love him for it!

6. Ash from The Iron Knight (Iron Fey series)

How can Ash NOT appear on my top 10 book boyfriends? I mean, Ash is a Prince. Check. He's insanely hot. Check. He's willing to do anything to be with the girl of his dreams. Check. And he says all the right things . . . check. We love you Ash, we truly do!

7. Tod from If I Die (Soul Screamers series)

In this series, I used to love Nash and he would totally be in my list but . . . he's done things that are pretty unforgivable which gives his older brother, Tod, the rightful place of being my #7 favourite book boyfriend of 2011. Tod has always been supportive with his friends and family - even with his brother's now-to-be ex-girlfriend, Kaylee, whom he deeply cares about. I just love this grim reaper!

8. Joshua from Hereafter

There are so many great boyfriends in YA books - that's the honest truth. But for young Joshua here, he's such a great boy who deserves to be here at the #8 spot. He's so understanding about things the human mind would freak out about and he does everything that makes you sway and swoon over. I love you Joshua!

Cricket is the sweetest thing ever! He's gorgeous. He's funny. He's geeky. He's . . . everything you could possibly want and die for in a boyfriend. There's nothing he could do wrong in this book and I want him all to myself.

Okay, okay . . . Noah isn't exactly 'boyfriend material' and he's definitely not the type to get yourself involved with and bring home to your father. Noah isn't a good guy. That's the truth. But we don't care right? Because I don't. Love him or hate him, deep down inside this sexy-gorgeous-british-bad-boy-who-continues-to-be-the-sexiest-thing-ever, Noah is a great boyfriend when it comes to him loving Mara. It's a chemistry-driven relationship and when you forget some of his faults of being a 'player' . . . when it comes down to it he's super funny and when he truly cares for someone - like really cares for them - he's there to care and we love him deeply for being that way! Even when he's being a bad boy. Wink wink.

So who are your favourite fictional boyfriends?

Have any others apart from the ones I've mentioned?


  1. So many of those on my list too! Alex, Adam and Ash definitely (coincidentally, all "A" names...). Four from Divergent would be there too, for me, and Will from CA/CP :P. I haven't read Hereafter or Desires of the Dead yet, but I can't wait! Awesome list, thanks for sharing :).

  2. There's so many boys names staring with "A". Four would've been there . . . but he doesn't beat these guys above! Liz you must read Hereafter and Desires of the Dead - awesome books!

  3. I'm reading Shatter Me right now, and I'm loving Adam. He's nothing like how I thought he'd be at the beginning. And I don't usually go for bad boys, but Noah is pretty awesome. ;)

  4. SWOONY LIST, ERIN!! Happy sighs with many of your choices - Jay (I NEED TO READ DESIRES OF THE DEAD!), Adam, Alex, ADRIAN (I thought you were more of a Dimka girl?), Ash, Cricket (and love for St. Clair too!!) and... dun dun dun daaaaa... NOAH SHAW!!!!

    Damnit, STOP WITH YOUR SWOONING. I want to go reread Mara Dyer all over again *lusts*

  5. Jenna: Yeah I didn't like him when I first met him, but as the novel progressed I loved him to bits! Enjoy the book!

    Brodie: I am a Dimka girl but this is for 2011 books and VA wasn't one of them. But Adrian definitely proved himself in Bloodlines. I'll have to reread Dyer too.

  6. What you said about Tod is SOO TRUE!!! And I'm Team Jem too!! :)

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  7. Heh... So not surprised to see Adrian here... But I so WANT him to be BF material! I want someone to love him and fix him, poor boy!
    Ha! Can think of a few volunteers XF


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