Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lying Season by Karina Halle

Release Date: 13th December, 2011

Publisher: Metal Blonde Books

Pages: 338pgs

The Story

Amateur ghost-hunter Perry Palomino has batled ghosts, fought off skinwalkers and skirted the fine line between life and death. But can she survive bunking down in Seattle for a week with her partner (and man she secretly loves) Dex and his perfect girlfriend, Jennifer? And can she do so while being tormented by a malicious spirit from Dex's increasingly shady past? With love and life in the balance, Perry must discover the truth among the lies or risk losing everything she's ever cared about.

The Review

A big thanks to the author, Karina Halle, for sending me a review copy of this book!

LYING SEASON is the fourth installment of the Experiment in Terror series and while I've only read the first book Darkhouse which was given to me by the author including a copy of this book (you can read my review of Darkhouse here), I still enjoyed this book despite not knowing what occured in the previous second and third book. It didn't matter to be honest regarding the storyline, since the books could easily be standalones, but note to self: I'll have to get the two other books sometime into the future. Anyway, in this fourth installment, Perry - our book's lead heroine - is spending an entire week with Dex, and his girlfriend, Jennifer. Sounds interesting, yes? No. In Perry's mind, seeing a man she secretly "loves" spending his spare time with his girlfriend . . . it's a clear and an absolute disaster waiting to happen!

For readers of this series, Perry and Dex's relationship has always been a complicated one. But despite Dex and his girlfriend's relationship looking perfect on the outside, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a great life behind closed doors. Aside from the awkwardness between the slightly awkward couple, Perry and Dex decide to investigate a local mental hospital and of course everything goes haywire. For one, it's a mental hospital and contains all the creepiness that one could imagine inside of such a building. And two, Perry and her ghost-seeing ways spots a ghost claiming to be the dead ex-girlfriend of Dex which complicates matters further and I loved every bit of it!

Seriously I'm impressed with this book. It was quite an exciting read. There's still a great cast of characters, plenty of drama to go around, and like in every other horror story I've read in the past, there's enough creepiness that I'm sure a lot of the book readers will enjoy as well. Unlike in DARKHOUSE, in LYING SEASON you learn more about the characters themselves (which was awesome) and it's definitely the type of book you don't want to miss. Also be aware there's some sexual content towards the end of the book . . . one that will make readers of this series curious and frustrated. That's fictional relationship drama for you!

Overall, while I haven't read the second and third book of this series but LYING SEASON was a great self-published book much like the first, Darkhouse, and readers who enjoy a good old paranormal story with a great storyline and an interesting set of characters will really fly through this book!

The Rating

4/5 stars


  1. First thing that grabbed my attention was the cover! Creepy but definitely got me interested. I like ghost books so I think I'd quite enjoy this series. I like that you get to learn more about the characters in this one. Great review, thanks! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, why haven't I started this series before?? The cover & title with that awesome synopsis were enough to intrigue me, but your review makes me so excited to start! I LOVE anything that has to do with ghosts, and an awesome heroine battling them definitely sounds like something I'd love! ;)

    Awesome review, Erin! I don't read much horror because I'm a very squeamish person LOL, but I'm really excited to pick this up now!! :)

  3. Thanks Liz & Mimi. It was a great book considering I don't read too much self-published books.


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