Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sister, Missing by Sophie McKenzie

Release Date: 29th September, 2011

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Pages: 304pgs

The Story

Fighting back my rising panic, I stopped and took a deep breath. Think. Where could she have gone? I turned right around, looking in every direction, trying to spot the familiar silhouette of my sister. But there was no sign of her . . .

It's two years after the events of Girl, Missing, and life is not getting any easier for sixteen-year-old Lauren, as exam pressure and a recent family tragedy take their toll. Lauren's birth mother takes Lauren and her two sisters on holiday in hope that some time together will help, but a few days into the holiday one of the sisters disappears, under circumstances very similar to those in which Lauren was taken years before. Can Lauren save her sister, and stop the nightmares happening all over again?

The Review

A big thanks to Caroline from Simon & Schuster Australia for sending me a review copy of this book!

I never thought I would say this but . . . WOW. A moment ago, I thought Sophie McKenzie's first novel Girl, Missing was an engrossing read but clearly its sequel had other plans for me. Following a similar format to the first book (you can read the book review of it here), the second installment SISTER, MISSING goes on its own path, containing everything you could possibly want in a thriller-esque young adult adventure. Action. Family. Romance. Twists. So I'm very pleased to say dear readers that this sequel was much better - if not far more suck-you-in type of storyline - than Girl, Missing was and like all of Sophie McKenzie's novels that I've read so far, she has the knack for knowing how to entertain you.

The book opens up to a similar abduction as seen in the first book Girl, Missing, however this abduction in the sequel was a completely different one compared to Lauren's and it went into another direction that I can honestly say I didn't see coming at all. Sophie McKenzie sure knows how to surprise you and she kept me gripped from beginning to end, and I couldn't put the book down. There's so many twists and turns, so many surprising and shocking events . . . it was amazing and I applaud the author for writing such an amazing piece of work.

SISTER, MISSING is set two years after the first book and with an older Lauren, the main heroine of the story, I'm glad to see that she still remained the same, old Lauren we'd grown to love in the first installment. Only she has matured. Obviously. And I loved the new and improved - and matured - Lauren. While she still possesses some little flaws along the way, but when you overlook those small flaws, you get to see what a fine young woman she has become, and it's no wonder why I loved her so much from the very beginning. And Jam, too. Oh Jam! He's the sweetest boy ever in this book! Finally readers . . . you have a boyfriend who treats his girlfriend right with so much love, support and respect! But not only that, Jam has also matured and I just LOVE his connection with Lauren . . . he just so - awwwwwwwww! Much like the storyline, I loved Jam to bits!

Overall I enjoyed every single moment of this book. Every chapter. Every character. Every twist. Every turn. And the ending of course! The ending was . . . perfect. SISTER, MISSING was a very quick and short read, but that didn't stop me because I couldn't force myself to put the book down. The writing is very good, the story itself was very touching, and the characters themselves were superbly written which I love the author herself for. For readers who have yet to read these novels or have already read the first book, then be sure to check out SISTER, MISSING as well when you can because it's one thrilling-fantastic-heart-stopping book! Who doesn't love a thriller like that? Okay enough with the gushing! *smirks*

The Rating 4 1/2 / 5 stars


  1. You're really making me want to read this series now! A "wow" means it must be good! :P And Jam seems like an awwwwsome character! Great review, thanks :).

  2. Aww damnit, Erin! You're making me want to rush and pick this up right now! I am so happy to hear you loved it even MORE than the first book. I'm really excited to dive back in and see what new way Sophie will twist the story and of course, how the characters have matured. Definitely need to try and reorder my TBR soon! Fantastic review :)

  3. Liz: I was really surprised by this book. Enjoyed it much more than the first.

    Brodie: Haha that's my job! Need to make you WANT to read the books.


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