Friday, January 13, 2012

Winners of Hallowed

Thank you to everyone who'd entered my Hallowed book giveaway!

The five lucky winners are . . .

1. Sarah G

2. Katrina W

3. Chandra V

4. J. W

5. KtTurner

All 5 winners have been notified by email and I'll be sending your address details straight to the publisher who will get your books straight out to you. And thanks again for entering and supporting my blog.

I'm sorry to international readers since I'm on a budget at the moment. Shipping prices are crazy right now! But hopefully sometime this year I'll have a couple of international giveaways up for you. In the meantime . . . here's a free virtual hug to go around. hehe.


Obviously 'my' hug wouldn't be THIS awkward . . .


  1. AAAAH! Erin! Thank you!
    But seriously... hugs from Voldy? I think EVERYONE's a winner here :D

  2. No problem. Everyone wants a hug from Voldy! hehe. They're definitely ALL winners. ;)

  3. That was probably one of my favorite scenes in all of the Harry Potter movies!


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