Friday, October 18, 2013

Skulk by Rosie Best

Release Date: Out now!

Publisher: Strange Chemistry

Pages: 387pgs

The Story

To some, Meg Banks’ life might look perfect – she lives in a huge house in West London, goes to a prestigious school, and has famous parents. Only Meg knows the truth: her tyrannical mother rules the house and her shallow friends can talk about nothing but boys and drinking. Meg’s only escape is her secret life as a graffiti artist.

While out tagging one night, Meg witnesses the dying moments of a fox… a fox that shapeshifts into a man. As he dies, he gives Meg a beautiful and mysterious gemstone. It isn’t long before Meg realises that she’s also inherited his power to shift and finds an incredible new freedom in fox form.

She is plunged into the shadowy underworld of London, the territory of the five warring groups of shapeshifters – the Skulk, the Rabble, the Conspiracy, the Horde, and the Cluster. Someone is after her gemstone, however, someone who can twist nature to his will. Meg must discover the secret of the stone and unite the shapeshifters before her dream of freedom turns into a nightmare.

The Review

A big thanks to the publisher for providing me a review copy of this book!

For the last few days I have been on a reading slump lately and to add to that little dilemma of mine I have also found this book to be one of those kinds of reads. One that had great potential (at least from what I've read of the awesome book blurb) but, in the end, was the kind of read that just didn't live up to my expectations.

SKULK, for what it's worth, had a pretty unique tale to tell and I admired what the author was trying to do with this cool sounding idea that she had. But unfortunately, I couldn't connect with the story and its characters, mostly with the main character, Meg, who didn't do much for me. She always seemed to feel sorry for herself throughout the book and it seemed like there were so many other important things that Meg should draw more attention towards than focusing just on herself and herself only. For example, there is a high body count in this book and unlike how most people would react, Meg just got a little angry and moved on with things . . . so it's a little unbelievable from where I'm standing but I guess Meg doesn't really care about too much of . . . well . . . anything.

I think the only redeeming quality this book had (apart from the cool sounding idea) was the action scenes that occurred which were pretty cool indeed and even the world the author has created was quite fascinating as well. But like what I mentioned before regarding the characters, if I don't like any character whatsoever then the book is pretty much a hit and miss for me. Still, I didn't mind the book but I only wished for more in storyline.

Overall, SKULK was a disappointment but don't let my review stop you in reading the book as it definitely has some great things happening here and there, not to mention the world of the book is one of the most fascinating things I have come across with shapeshifters.

The Rating
2/5 stars

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