Monday, December 24, 2012

Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter

Release Date: Out now!

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Pages: 400pgs

The Story

Even at camp for supernatural teens, Kylie Galen has never been normal. Not only can she see ghosts, but she doesn't seem to belong to any one species - she exhibits traits from them all. As Kylie struggles to unlock the secrets of her identity, she begins to worry that Lucas will never be able to accept her for what she is, and what she isn't . . . a werewolf. With his pack standing in their way, Kylie finds herself turning more and more to Derek, the only person in her life who's willing to accept the impossible.

As if life isn't hard enough, she starts getting visits from the ghost of Holiday, her closest confidante. Trouble is, Holiday isn't dead . . . not yet anyway. Now Kylie must race to save one of her own from an unseen danger before it's too late - all while trying to stop her relationship with Lucas from slipping away forever. In a world of constant confusion, there's only one thing Kylie knows for sure. Change is inevitable and all things must come to an end . . . maybe even her time at Shadow Falls.

The breathtaking fourth installment of the New York Times bestselling Shadow Falls series from author C.C. Hunter . . . Whisper at Moonrise.

The Review

You know what? Despite all of the drama and not much happening in the book, WHISPERS AT MOONRISE - even to my own surprise - would have to be my favourite installment by far in C.C. Hunter's Shadow Falls series.

The thing I love most about the series is that the author wastes no time in throwing the reader straight back into where the action is and doesn't necessarily fluff around with the details that happened previously in the books - she's just gets to the point of it all. I like that forwardness about her. Now from the last installment I read, Taken at Dusk, I found myself quite disappointed in the book because the love triangle featured heavily in the series was way too messy and there was not a lot of action happening either. However, with this fourth installment, even though there wasn't necessarily a lot happening to move the series forward but it still had really improved my mood and placed much more faith for me with this series . . . so it's great to finally fall back in love with it despite the storyline cliches and teenage angst being put here and there. It's a real treat regardless of all that.

Now while I still love and adore the characters including Kylie, her best friends and their super duper camp-leader  Holiday, and while each one of them grows in maturity levels, but the only problem for me - the problem I still seem to be having with this book series alone - is the love triangle and from what I said in my previous reviews for the previous installments of this series is that the author keeps going back and forth between the two boys, Lucas and Derek, and I'm really starting to get tired of it. I love both boys for many different reasons but enough is enough, and boy I can't wait for the final installment to see who Kylie chooses in the end because I'm going to have a party when that time comes. Seriously. I mean I was always on Team Lucas but since he has become a total douche in this book (as sad as it is), I think Derek has a really good shot with Kylie and I just hope she picks him because it's clear she still has feelings and that strong connection with him.

Overall, apart from the love triangle mess, WHISPERS AT MOONRISE definitely steps up compared to the last installment and it was a very fun read. With plenty of action, romance, complicated relationships, and many intriguing new things happening in the world of C.C. Hunter's, I think many other fans of this series will be pleased with this new book and by the time they finish it, they will all be gearing up for the fifth and final installment coming out next year! I certainly cannot wait to read it!

The Rating
4 1/2 / 5 stars


  1. Will the love triangles never get old?! I actually liked the first book plot-wise, but I soon realized how heavily it would focus on the love triangle and never really continued the series. I'm sorry (for you) that it still isn't resolved.
    Great review!

    1. The story got better in the next couple of books but I thought the love triangle would have been resolved by now. At least there's one more book, so hopefully it will be resolved by then.

      Thank you! :)


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