Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Blood Countess by Tara Moss

Release Date: Out now!

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia

Pages: 389pgs

The Story

Pandora English is no ordinary small town orphan. When she's invited to live with her mysterious Great-Aunt Celia in New York City, she seizes the opportunity to escape her stifling hometown break from her tragic past and make it as a writer. Things, however, are not what she is expecting. For starters, her great-aunt's Gothic mansion is in a mist-wreathed Manhattan suburb that doesn't appear on maps. And then there's Celia herself - a former designer to the stars of Hollywood's Golden Age - who is elegant, unnaturally young and always wearing a veil. Pandora lands a job at a fashion magazine and her first assignment is covering the A-list launch of the latest miracle cream, Blood of Youth. But something is not right about the product, nor Athanasia, the drop-dead beautiful face of the brand. It seems there may be a secret ingredient in Blood of Youth, a secret worth killing for...

The Review

I have been a small-time fan of Tara Moss's adult crime books so when I heard she was moving into the paranormal genre, I thought it would be really perfect for her. Now I've owned this book for a couple of years now and it's been sitting on my bookshelf for what seems like forever and I do remember reading some of the book but I never quite finished it due to a busy schedule of mine. However now, after finally reading and finishing it, I enjoyed it immensely.

THE BLOOD COUNTESS has a little bit of everything needed in a paranormal book - including elements of well-hidden conspiracies, century-year-old ghosts, intriguing vampires, and all sorts of villains with the unusual zombie here and there. It was all needless to say an unique read and was one I could see many enjoying as well.

While we are surrounded with plenty of entertaining and memorable supporting characters, but Pandora's voice, the main character, had stood out the most to me as she was a pretty easy-going narrator and one I had followed through with without too many troubles along the way. So personally for me she is someone who is relatable to everyone in one shape or form because she had showed such strength in the book and never gave up in the terms of her own survival, so I think because of that . . . many readers will love her, especially towards the end of the book where she shows the most courage.

Overall, THE BLOOD COUNTESS is very cleverly written and it's a great escape from Tara Moss's usual crime-fighting world. I would highly recommended this paranormal series to those fans of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight and Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Bloods series!

The Rating
3 1/2 / 5 stars


  1. Sounds like a book I'd really enjoy! Tara Moss's name sounds familiar to me. Not sure why since I don't read adult crime novels.

    1. Tara Moss is a Canadian-Australian author and a former model. I thought she is better at writing her crime novels than with this fantasy series but I still quite enjoyed this book!

  2. Oh, Erin, now this sounds INTRIGUING. I've never read anything by Tara, but... oh. INTRIGUING *grins*

    Very glad you enjoyed it, and... OK. I'm going to stop before I use the word 'INTRIGUING' AGAIN :D

    1. I'm glad I got you intrigued. I wasn't sure about this series at first but I'm glad I read it. :)

  3. Wow. Tara Moss writes ADULT CRIME?!?! REALLLLYYYY?! I HAD NO IDEA! Must check out her other books :D

    Oooh this sounds REALLY awesome! I haven't read many paranormal books in a while...(have no idea what happened to me!) but hopefully I'll get to read this soon :)

    1. Yup. She's pretty good with her crime novels and with this one too. :)


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